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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.tu good night from washington. our friends on "the five," livet in new york city. >> thanks, tucker. i am dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, chris wallace, greg gutfeld, and this is "the five." saturday is president trump's 100th day in office. also renewing the health care push. >> we want to go when we are ready to go. this has been a very bottom-up process.t it takes time to do that. we are doing big things. i talk about 200 days. we are working on the path to get it right and not some artificial deadline. >> that is going to be dictated
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by the speaker and the majority of the house when they feel they have the vote. that being said, we feel very positive about the work that is being done to get to that and -- the reaction that we are having. >> they are simultaneously facing a test on the world stage with north korea and its alarming nuclear weapons program. rex tillerson spoke about it earlier with bret baier. >> we are just in the earlyie stages of executing a strategy. it does involve bringing significant pressure in pyongyang. it also calls on involving china. and how we deal with this threat, we have been very clear. we do not see regime change in north korea and we are not seeking a collapse in it. w we are not seeking reunification. what we are seeking is the same thing china has said theyey see. a full denuclearization of the
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north korean peninsula. >> voters favor using military action to stop the nuclear weapons program by 53%-39% margin. we are going to get to north korea in a minute. chris wallace, i thought we would start with the bigger picture here with washington. in the last ten days, they figured out a way to get on offense and finish out this first 100 days on a higher note. >> i agree. i do that find it funny that the president saying the first 100 days was an artificial deadline and why do we care about it? and he has done more than any president i've ever seen to try to put points on the board. pushing the health care vote, but having said that, there is a sense of activity. a sense of offense -- whether it is on trade, taxes, whether it
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is on north korea. and also, frankly, i don't think the president has been shooting himself in the foot with gettind off the track with tweets and things like that. i think it has been a pretty good couple of weeks. >> it's interesting, kimberly, i was thinking of things you could say as accomplishments. neil gorsuch -- putting him on the supreme court in the first 80 days was such a big accomplishment. because it was kind of -- it relatively easy to get it done, it's almost as if that huge accomplishment is not getting enough attention. >> i think you are right. it probably was the most significant in terms of his accomplishments in the first 100 days. it is certainly one that will live on. a legacy that will be tied to this president. this is a tremendous win for him. a judicial scholar, someone well respected and admired.
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i think the ease and efficiency in which they were able to get him confirmed -- i think because they played that one out smart. it was well played and executed. i would say that is probably the number one accomplishment. >> how could they turn this momentum into something that can last for the 1248 days after the 100th? >> how they handled those things, the messaging, communications. sometimes they have very good ideas. he was very earnest in his desire to accomplish a lot of things in a quick period of time. sometimes you don't want to push it through -- like health care, until you are certain you have those votes. foreign policy, national security, making sure america is secure. being tough on immigration. p now we have a very interesting development as it relates to north korea.. tensions very high there. it's coming at a pivotal point very early on in his presidency. he will have to show the strength here and then carryot
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that through so he is well-regarded. >> you've talked about the deaty of ideology with president trump, greg. the plan -- more than a one pager but enough to get the ball rolling. the health care bill coming, do you think there's any way to break the partisan logjams? >> his style -- he is like a street magician. one hand is over here and he's doing something else. it's confusing to his adversaries. i want to talk about rex tillerson. whenever i see him, it is comforting to me. it makes me feel good that he is there. he is calm and he means business. he is like a museum bust. a portable rushmore. he is not john kerry. john kerry was eeyore. he's the iron giant. you will never see rex tillerson bring james taylor anywhere. he might bring slayer but not r
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james taylor. what trump has done is replaced ideology with negotiation. it's so predictable that it's getting repetitious, kind of been a good way. trump begins by going extreme. that unsettles people. everyone takes notice. there's a bit of chaos with north korea and then it moves towards dialogue and compromise. he is like a parent who throws his child into the pool. it's very cold. the kid is screaming and then the kid doesn't want to get out of the pool for the rest of the day. that is what he does. he starts out extreme and then he moves into a comfortable area where everybody goes, okay, he is not evil. maybe he is not incompetent and maybe he can't be reasoned with. i think he's taking the wind out of a lot of the anti-trump sales. >> what you think, juan?n? >> i was wowed by gregory.
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that was a wow because to my eyes, what we are seeing -- this is a guy, oh, my gosh, these 100 days are coming into my major accomplishments haven't happened. it was republicans calling him on the failure to repeal ands replace. i must say, they did it at no cost because the trump base remains in place. what is lost or people in the middle who are open to trump. they don't have any faith -- o >> he didn't even peel off votes from hillary. >> if we did it again, he would still beat hillary. >> he is the grown-up out here. >> i just want to say, when itro comes to something like north korea, on edge about thisj very night in terms of what rex tillerson said -- people in
9:08 pm
the state department do not think rex tillerson is the second coming of christ. let me tell you that.eo >> i don't care about that. i care about what is in my brain. >> trump has had a good couple of weeks because you've seen more of his team, the national security team. mcmaster.. >> make sure you watch "fox news sunday." >> especially onak "fox news sunday." you didn't have to rub that in. but the economic team with steven mnuchin. in the briefing room the other day, they started asking tough questions about lumber and tariffs. he killed it. >> the other side of this is, the criticism with the tax bill will come much later but it looks like it was for goldman sachs, written by goldman sachs.
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and some people will say whoa. >> i have a great point that i want to save. >> stick around, dana has a great point. >> right before we went to air, president trump told reuters that a major conflict with north korea is possible but then he preferred a diplomatic outcome. i thought rex tillerson made some pretty big news. he said the administration would favor direct talks with north korea. that would be very different than what we have seen in the last couple decades. >> the feeling has always been -- then they can say we are the ones that messed things up. there was a fascinating poll that came out. there was a fox poll and it said
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that 53% of americans want to see us take military action right now to take out the nuclear program. i have to say. that is such a mistake. if you have ever been to south korea, i was there with ronald reagan in 1983 -- the dnc is 30 miles. from seoul, south korea. they have thousands of short ranged missiles aimed at seoul. millions of people would die if we -- 25,000 americans. >> the point i just made earlier. what did he say? we could be heading towards -- he begins with bluster. it will move slowly towards compromise. unlike obama, trump leads with his fists instead of showing his hand. that is what he's doing right now.
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it is good news in the sense that when a bully unites two classmates who previously were not pals, maybe north korea is the glue that puts china and the united states together. it's like regina george in "mean girls." >> has china done anything? >> oh, the chocolate cake! everything after call a currency manipulator. i absolutely don't but i must say i was struck by the sample you aretr struck by because i think americans wantnt action. i think americans want action. everyone thinks this guy is a nut bag. but they forget that china has not done anything and -- they haven't done anything. >> rex tillerson in his interview with bret baier said we are in the early a stages of executing. all the talk about being at the brink of war, we are not. >> i also think that saying they want direct talks withof north korea could be a head fake
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to make china do more as well. it could all be a strategy we don't understand. coming up, police are out in full force tonight as tensions continue to mount over ann coulter's canceled appearance at the university of california berkeley. t we will take you there for a live report when we come right back. port when we come right ba. [ dog whimpers ] man: let's go! man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this. guys, i know being a first-time homeowner is scary, but you don't have to do this. man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules.
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♪ ♪ >> tonight, police are patrolling the streets of berkeley, california. after conservative ann coulter canceled a speech at the university of california. c >> hi, kimberly. we've been bracing for a day of protests. whether ann coulter appeared here or not. there was a very large valley here at civic center park about a quarter-mile away from uc berkeley. q it wrapped up a couple of hours ago. the crowd has really started to dwindle. just a few dozen protesters and demonstrators left. you can see the anti-trump group with their banner on the otheroz side of the street.
9:17 pm
mostly what we have is back over on the side of the street, trump supporters facing off against people who may not agree with their views. they have heated confrontations but no violence. and kimberly, no sign of the anti-fa that have caused so much trouble at some of these gatherings in the past. there's been a large police presence all day today in riot gear making it clear they would tolerate no violence and so the anti-fa people stayed away. what we have here is people facing off with some heated rhetoric but no violence at all. berkeley police say four or fivd people were arrested here today, mostly for weapons and drug charges. one person was arrested on the campus for obstructing policens and wearing a mask. masks would not be tolerated
9:18 pm
here today. relatively peaceful day here in berkeley. that is good news and something everyone hopes will continue through the night. it is going to get dark here in about an hour and a half or so. >> thanks so much. greg, we were talking about this yesterday. ann coulter is on the offensive in terms of getting your message out there and calling out the people that did not support her right to free speech and for the students to be able to hear what she has to say. >> this new right movement existed before this coulter speech but there is a cause andm effect going on here. what happens when the other side didn't show up? there was no violence. that is cause and effect. the anti-fa, which should stand for anti-first amendment, now you know who instigates the violence. what you're also saying isnd the is resistance now against the resistance. it's a new thing. it is infectious and thrilling and thank god peaceful. the progressive left has had
9:19 pm
free reign. they go out in the streets and do whatever they want. now you have groups of conservative and free speechers out there facing them and thankfully there was no what's reassuring is that people are no longer afraid of dissent. the real dissent is against dissent. >> i have a different view. >> of course you do, juan. >> what did claudia tell you, greg? people showing up her people saying they are conservative and trying to defend free speech. showing up in huge numbers like they are ready to party or do something. the people who didn't show up are the people on the left. >> who were the violent ones. >> look, the fact is, the aclu like we discussed last night -- from bill maher and others, they are all saying this is wrong. i am saying this was wrong and remember, it was a conservative group that was hosting ann coulter that said we can't protect you in this situation
9:20 pm
and then backed down. >> because the university and city didn't support it in the way that they should. >> they thought there was going to be violence. they put public safety first. >> if it was angela davis, they would have had it. >> i do believe that he have a situation here where the right has taken great pride in saying we are the people of free. not the left. suddenly, now it's a big deal of you know what? it's like what trump said. we are not pc. but i worry about the fact that these people i saw today saying we are going to stop the commie left. that sounds like fighting words. >> we have seen fighting actions. people being attacked by the anti-fa. we have seen the evidence. you are talking about a words. i have seen action. >> i've seen action at trump rallies. >>
9:21 pm
one act. >> show me the videotape, please. >> i find it amazing that a college campus -- people are afraid -- i know i am late to this but i remember that berkeley with where they started the whole free speech. i went and googled it. in 1964 there was a student at berkeley who went to mississippi to fight for civil rights. when he came back, there was no political activity at all allowed on the berkeley campus and he went to the public plaza to raise money for civil rights groups and they shut him down. they arrested him. that is where the free speech movement started. the idea that today, ann coulter or someone from the left, bernie sanders -- whateverer --
9:22 pm
would not be allowed to speak in fear of violence, i just find it astonishing. >> it is not equal. the leftists would not have a problem anyway. it is only the right. >> you are right. >> they would do whatever it takes to protect somebody like that. the right foot is on the left foot.y co-opting. >> at the right wing takes melissa-like tactics we might find out -- >> you are worrying about right-wing violence when the left has owned it for years. the weather underground. >> educate during the commercial. dana. >> you brought up the aclu. they had a tweet today that really irritated me. it said we must protect speech on campus, even when hateful. it's a continuation of -- it's the insincere underhanded
9:23 pm
compliment. like, "i don't agree with anything you say. but you are a really nice person." if you don't want to compliment me, don't give me the underhanded compliment because -- >> i don't think you are a nice person. >> i didn't ask you. the aclu is trying to be helpful while still being able to claim their leftist beliefs. >> yeah, but the aclu has backed the client at times. much of the concern of the entire left wing. the aclu is real on this point. >> did i say it wrong? >> bona fides or bona fide? >> when we return, the annual rose parade has been canceled and it's not because they ran out of roses. we will tell you the real reason why when "the five" returns. prepare to be disturbed. reason
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>> so, let's play a game called "who is the fascist?" now anyone can play. in portland, the rose parade was canceled after leftists promised to violently attack the local republicans if they showed up. if organizers didn't cave, hundreds of rioters would swarm. so they canceled the whole thing. they couldn't guarantee the participants' safety which is a go-to excuse to enable the mob. this is nuts. people fought and died for our rights to free assembly. and we let the mob take that away?d
9:29 pm
as they bragged they own the city, you prove them right by giving in. where is the media or the heroiy actors and singers that fight for tolerance? whose fault is this? do you blame spoiled brats for being spoiled brats? sure. but what about the enablers? like the academics, the liberal bureaucrats now cowering under their desks, the meek tweeters in hollywood, remain silent as their side revokes all of our rights. what we are seeing is the first anti-free speech movement. it's from the progressive punitive mob coddled for decades by the media, entertainment industry, and government. on campus is and in their towns, the american flag is being replaced by a white one.e. it's a very good and scary question. no need to applaud. i can hear it in my brain. [laughter]
9:30 pm
>> oh, my god. >> do you hear all those things in your brain? >> i should build a baseball field. all of these players will come. kimberly. i'm getting off topic. >> would you like to play ball? he burst into tears and cried. >> it was my fault for bringing it up. this is now, kimberly, a bona fide movement. i that we are seeing speeches, now we are seeing parades. >> okay. this group is in my opinion no different than some of the extreme hate groups that we havo seen over the course of history that have done damage to this country. they are basically thugs. they come in and say we don't want you to do this. they threaten violence.
9:31 pm
what we are seeing is a blueprint.n this is a road map of how to kill speech and freeze it in this country. i think that the fbi and doj should investigate them because this to me is something that cannot stand. it is pervasive in terms of the frequency in which we have seen it occurring. i think it's something to look into. >> chris, the more they win this little battle, the more battles they will win.k it will snowball. >> we have to go back to the basics. the incendiary issue is that the county republicans are in charge of the rose parade. they are hugging trees, sipping whatever they sip -- >> chai lattes. >> mulled wine or whatever. in any case, now they are saying that the antifascists because
9:32 pm
the county republicans in portland are fascists? unbelievable. >> it's the legitimate real republican party. it is not milo whatever. it's not even ann coulter who says outrageous things that are intentionally provocative. it's the republican party. i just can't believe it. to get back to kimberly's point, this is a new way to sort off kill free speech. he said it will be violence in the public official say we don't want to risk public safety so we will cancel the event. you can't do this. it just goes over the line andce my fear is that the right is so emboldened, we are the champions that they now think there are some legitimate reason for them to engage in violent activity. >> it is the antifascists. >> we are agreeing that the republican party -- in that county
9:33 pm
>> i took it out of the monologue because i knew i would butcher it. >> they should be eliminated from this. >> dana, to your earlier points, you made a good point. here is a man from direct action alliance, on why they were protesting the republicans. >> the republican party was allowing a hate group to march within their ranks. they have infiltrated the parade and they want to march through the streets of portland. >> to label somebody, and that allows you -- >> they are saying they are the antifascists. they are actually being fascists. that's exactly what the brownshirts did in germany. they intimidated people into not speaking through forms of violence and this is happening in oregon which is really a beautiful place. mountains, yoga, the beach. nike. >> portlandia. a great show.
9:34 pm
>> and the timber industry. let these people march. >> what about investigating this group? >> absolutely. >> they have good cider. >> and pot! [laughter] >> okay! >> they legalized it. >> really, dana? since when did that matter to you? [laughter] >> all right.y nothing but the pure stuff. i get it. these people are nuts. directly ahead, the media discussing trump's tax plan -- is the tax plan putting more money in your pocket? we will debate it right after this. cket? we will debated right after thi this. y pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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♪ >> i like that one. the trump administration outlined its plan to overhaul the tax code saying its priority is to provide tax relief to the middle class. but when treasury secretary steven mnuchin appeared on the network morning show today, the anchors wanted to focus on tax t brackets. a by the way, most of them belong to those tax brackets. >> candidate trump is on this show telling our viewers a year ago that he believed in raising taxes on the wealthy including himself. would you acknowledge that thesi reform plan you have laid out is in fact a dramatic cut in taxes for the wealthy? >> i want to ask you one more time. the principal, someone making more than $150 million pay less than a 5% federal tax rate?? >> a lot of the reporting on this says there's a lot of tax cuts for the rich. if that's portrayed as such, you all the tough time in congress. >> clearly, a focus on the tax
9:40 pm
cuts for the rich from the mainstream media. is that fair coverage? let me ask dana perino who has a good point. >> it wasn't to that question. >> oh, no. >> here's the point if you can rewind and go back and it will be very smooth. when i was thinking today, it's a really big important step. it is an opening bid and is not going to be the final. i think the media is falling into president trump's trap. once again, it's impossible. it will never be done. if president trump gives a full speech on this in his own words, i don't even think -- he needs to explain to people why he thinks it's the best way to do what he promised to do. bring back jobs to the americann economy. increased growth so we can pay for all the things you want to pay for. both personally and also for our government. he is the only guy that can do it.
9:41 pm
you remember when he said, "i alone can fix it?" i think he's doing a good job but in order to talk directly to the people -- everything you heard this morning, the very typical thing you get every time a republican proposes something that would increase growth in america. it is oh, you want to cut taxes for the wealthy. w if that is how it is going to be, he needs to figure out how to get economic growth. >> just as a matter of hard news, chris, were the anchors right to point out it would balloon the deficit? you really can't do a lot of calculations but i don't doubt it would balloon the deficit -- >> i think it's a legitimate question to ask. i think you can absolutely ask - if it will favor the rich. that's a fair question. you can ask whether or not it will add to the deficit. what is it going to do to growth? will the corporate jobs or rates
9:42 pm
create jobs and raise wages? there's a lot of things to talk about and it seems from what i saw that there was really the single-minded focus on those two issues. that is where i think the unfairness is. the questions weren't unfair. it was just the fact that that was all they asked. >> the one thing i liked about it was the simplicity that he was saying, it's to complicate appeared we are going to simplify this. so many deductions and minimums and state, local taxes. i just don't think it flies. >> it's interesting because when i was listening to it, i was thinking back to when herman i cain was running and trying to simplify and going 999. they like the idea because you want to break it down in simple terms. trump is the best messenger to be able to sell this, from his business expertise. how the economy should grow. he should say listen, this is what we need to do. what we see now is the criticism from the mainstream media and
9:43 pm
from the democrats. all of a sudden, they are concerned about the debt, right? they never were before. under president obama, americans paid a record number of taxes. yet we just saw a very slow, dismal, economic growth. it didn't work. >> i don't agree. s we had steady economic growth. greg, i see class warfare. >> you want class warfare? what about robbing the dead? getting rid of the estate tax is an incredibly moral thing to do. it has no effect on me. i intend to die broke in east village. what the you hate the rich or not, but the elderly man or woman who saves their money and has a tax for decades, it's
9:44 pm
their choice and write to hand it to the next generation. they are the victim, not the people inheriting it. it's pure envy to punish the living by taxing the dead. you claim this is targeting the inherited but you are not. you are targeting people who cannot fight back. you're going into the pockets of the coffin and stealing money. we have to get rid of this because it's a moral victory. these people have been taxed, and they are dead and we should leave them alone. >> leave the rich alone says greg gutfeld. >> no, he didn't say that. he said leave the dead alone. >> up next, a "new york times" reporter gives the trump administration a compliment. we will tell you why when we return. you why when we return.
9:45 pm
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♪ ♪ >> it is no secret president trump and "the new york times" have had a contentious relationship. the president sometimes calling the paper "fake news" and a failing newspaper. but in a radio interview,et "the new york times" white house
9:49 pm
correspondent spoke favorably of president trump's treatment of the media. >> i think one of the things that i think he is doing better than barack obama are these press conferences. and his outreach to individual reporters. even for organizations like my own, that he criticizes. trumps free ranging press conferences i think are a lot more democratic and the way that obama conducted them. >> dana? as someone who ran with an iron fist -- is trump more democratic in the way he reaches out? >> you can't get more direct from the horses mouth than twitter. you're hearing directly from the president.e part of that is technology but also remember when the health care bill was going to fail, he picked up the phone in the oval office and he himself called "the new york times" and "washington post" in order to deliver that message. i do remember when obama first
9:50 pm
started, i got called fromde white house press corps members saying can you help us? i have not had any sort of calls like that this time around. i think they have more than they can handle. drinking from a fire hose. >> let me bring up president obama's record with you. the fact that he did try to marginalize fox news, he dide have a set list of who he was going to call on. it was almost always people who are favorable to him. they subpoenaed the phone records of plenty of reporters from the associated press. monitored the emails and phones of our own james rosen. was he in fact more authoritarian towards the press than donald trump? >> very aggressive. the fact that he went after reporters as aggressively as her did sparked tremendous concern among reporters of all political stripes. i didn't hear about this kind of effort from the obama administration, excluding newsst organizations.
9:51 pm
they try to exclude fox and the press said no, you can't do that. i think that is a stinging point of concern. >> the irony in this, kimberly, with all the criticism with the press, he is in love with the press. he watches cable news. you can tell he desperately cares what his hometown newspaper, "the new york times," thinks about him.yo >> d absolutely. he's devoted in terms of his media consumption. he always watches clips on his phone. on the plane. that is good that he's paying attention but they can't really complain because think about it, everyone is enjoying record ratings because of the amount of access and the sheer volume of material that this presidency has produced. his tweets go out as media alerts. every time he's makingro direct contact with them.
9:52 pm
i think it's being courageous by being honest in terms of what the rest of them are actually dealing with. >> trump has made journalism great again. they are investigating, reporting, wearing interestingou hats. on the street reporting with that cool little hat. >> he was in that "saturday night live" skit. >> we are watching material generate material. meaning something is tweeted, then it is reported. then the tweet is reported. then it becomes another part of the it becomes a weird merry-go-round. it's very, very strange and confusing. >> i should point out, thrush im the person who plays a charactef that fights with spicey on "saturday night live." "one more thing" is up next. ♪ "one more thing" is up next. it's time for the can-am spring fever sales event. get a cash rebate of up to $3,000 on selected models.
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." greg. >> greg's corrections with greg gutfeld. >> all right, a lot of people ask me, you have to be specific about the parade you were talking about. it was the 82nd avenue of the b roses parade that i was referring to. a village parade. there are other parades. i don't want people to think their parades got canceled. if you're interested in my new podcast, it's at
9:57 pm it's really cool. >> all right, time for the prime timers. dana's corny joke of the day. >> i will try something different here. the first person to laugh has to buy a round of drinks. if no one laughs, i will feel really bad. what you call a blind dinosaur?h a do-you-think-you-saurus. i have one more.di why was the sand wet? the sea-weed. juan and greg.g. you buy the drinks.
9:58 pm
>> i know i am a short timer here, this is the cutest "one more thing" of all time. put it up. >> oh! >> tomorrow is her third birthday. >> yay! >> you can see the family resemblance, she is my granddaughter. you have to come in so you can see her. if i put up her picture but not her older sisters -- two of my five grandchildren. >> very cute. >> they are humanizing you, chris. >> mine is super, super cute. this is about dancing. take a look at this. this is juan carlos bruno. check him out. he is sitting there dancing because he is from san antonio, texas. he answered a noise complaint at a house. he didn't end up breaking up the party.
9:59 pm
he stayed and demonstrated his dancing skills at the event. it's funny because the neighborhood called to complain about it but he ended up being part of the entertainment. the dancers there -- >> i am sorry, kimberly. >> anyway, the dancers there are going to show up at his wedding and perform. >> dance with a cop.p. you may not want hug him. >> do you know this song and the artist? ♪ stars shining bright above you ♪ >> dream a little dream for me. >> dana buys the drink. [laughter]r] >> ella fitzgerald turned 100 this week. queen of jazz. her birthday, it was ella fitzgerald day here in new york.
10:00 pm
tony bennett celebrated. he painted a picture of her. it's in the smithsonian. >> we will see you here tomorrow at 9:00 eastern. "hannity" is next. >> sean: thanks, another great night for my friends at "the five." we will be joined by laura ingraham, lou dobbs, mercedes schlapp, geraldo rivera. but first, six people arrested during protests in berkeley, california, after ann coulter'si speech was scheduled for today. it was in fact canceled. this is the latest example of the alt radical left and their assault on freedom of speech. they want to silence every single conservative voice in america. pay attention.eeve this is tonight's very passionate opening monologue. the alt-radical left continues. to expose themselves as out-of-control fascists who are hell-bent on stifling speech in america.


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